Finding the bridge

So here we are: sitting, fuming, a bit incredulous that the United States just took women back to the dark ages (again). Here we are, under attack again by men in robes.

Spirit asks me: so what are you gonna do about it?

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to make this my reality. I say “make this my reality” because I know that I’m helping to co-create it with all the other mixed up nutcases that have been equally brainwashed in this young and often dumb nation.

And still the question tugs — so what are you gonna do about it?

I see all the structures crumbling and that I applaud because I know none of this was designed to benefit anyone–certainly not women, and most definitely not anyone who doesn’t look like a Tiki-torch-carrying-white bro. But where is the march to create the new I ask?! Where is the parade of women not locked in a battle with the old but fueled by a desire to NEVER AGAIN BE SUJEGATED BY PATRIARCHY. A parade of women who don’t need to shout at the men who truly have no power over them (because nobody does…) yet banded together to declare, not on my watch will any of this shit go down. Not on my watch will my daughter need to freaking dodge men in robes to navigate back channels to other states to “go camping” — (why can’t we even speak the word, as thought we are little girls about to be punished by those men in robes?)–Not. On. My. Watch!

Yes as I write I can see even now I’m looking to an outside world — those women marching arms locked together to a new golden horizon–to have the answers. And it doesn’t really work like that. I hear my spiritual mother reminding me the answer isn’t on that outside. It’s inside me– all of it happening in a virtual reality. That is where the real shift happens. That’s where rubber meets the road!

Certainly in Things the Patriarchy Never Taught You 101 a very important but simple (never simplistic) spiritual truth is that the answer to all this mess–heck, ANY mess– is inside me and it starts within me. It’s me who gives the power over again and again to a crumbling system. It’s me who still clings to the old and frankly, loves to yell at it and tell it how wrong it is! (Picture fists pumping, signs waving, chants emitting to the crowd). To be fair, that was the programming wasn’t it?! Stay locked in a battle with an “oppressor” so you can remain the victim. That was the lie we were told again and again — that our power comes from outside of it and is controlled by men. Including our bodies, they remind us.

WHERE DOES THIS LEAVE ME? Literally, what inside of myself needs to be lost. Let go. Identifying the wrong beliefs and dropping ’em like its hot. Building a bridge to a very different place inside me that knows who she is, understands her inherent honor and dignity, and doesn’t even a blink an eye at the thought of giving her power away to anyone, anything, that denies who she is for real.

I’m looking for the bridge to that place inside myself. I want to be like a cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions…a cool GAL that is, who keeps walking forward toward the new horizion as the past impodes upon itself. She knows who she is. She is inside me and you and she’s waiting for us to bring her forward.

Spirit asks…. What are YOU gonna do about all of it? Inside yourself?

“Women united” by Tyler Pate

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